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Gallery Of Illustration & Character Designs By Matias Trillo - Argentina
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Matias Trillo - Argentina
I’ve been drawing since I can remember.
When I finished the School of Fine Arts, I started to work for advertising in illustration. A short time later, I began to work for educational books for schools, and a year later I was transferred to the area of children’s literature.
I started to draw entire books or book covers. In a few years I already had orders for different customers: animation, newspapers, campaigns, advertising, books and children’s magazines.
In personal work, I enjoy doing certain expressionism in the line of the Art Brut with vivid colors, strokes, and gestures. Sometimes I do assemblages or puppets with objet-trouvés in this sort of this brutal style.
But I have another mixed digital volumetrical vein with precision drawing, perhaps some kind of constructivism, static, or sharp lines very geometric.
The differences are only determined by the tools I use.
Sometimes I combine different procedures on the same drawing, and if I have to illustrate a black and white book, I enjoy working with Chinese ink in a more traditional cartoon style.

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