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Gallery Of Illustration & Character Designs By Job Van Gelder - Netherlands
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Job van Gelder - Netherlands
I am Job van Gelder, good at making atmospheric drawings.
More precisely, I am very good at making viewing pleasure.
For young and old.
Since 2003 I work as an independent illustrator and designer.
I make illustrations for various (educational) publishers, have been supplying the illustrations for the financial supplement of the national newspapers of Wegener for years and for example since 2010 I have been a freelance illustrator and designer for the Efteling.
At the beginning of 2015, four picture books from my hand appeared in the Gouden Boekjes series.
For special projects I am also in front of the class.
Game Design at Sint Lucas, for example, or guest lectures at the Academy of Creative Technology, Saxion Hogeschool.
I usually make drawings digitally, with a drawing tablet, without losing the paper feeling.

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