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Gallery Of Drawing & Illustrations By Kevin Deasey - Usa
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Kevin Deasey - USA
Visual artist and illustrator Kevin Deasey created this 12 week long series called Inkscapes” where he experimented with a mixed media approach to his digital paintings.
Kevin started the process with simple ink blot compositions that were later colorized and completed in Photoshop.
My name is Kevin Deasey and I’m a Chicago-based Visual Designer.
Since graduating from Columbus College of Art and Design with a BFA in illustration, I have worked for a variety of industries over the past few years. From table-top games and animated short films, to point of purchase and social media design, I am always looking for unique opportunities to contribute as a designer.
As a Visual Designer for Dose Media, I create custom image and video content for the social media sites Dose and OMGFacts as well as for branded client social media campaigns.

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