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Gallery Of Drawing & Illustrations By Brian Williams - Usa
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Born and raised in Akron, Ohio - the rubber capital of the world - I currently live in Columbus, Ohio, where I work as an artist, graphic designer and college art instructor.
I graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2003, where I studied Illustration, Fine Art and Art History, and where I now teach. I've also taken graduate-level courses studying art crime.
I have given several classes and lectures on the subject.
I live with two cats named Jasper and Mugsy.
They have a knack for finding weird things in my basement that I've never seen before.
Jasper1 Jasper and Mugsy Mugsy
For my animal portrait drawings, I look for the humorous in the beautiful and the macabre in the cute. I draw inspiration from nature, history, animals, ghost stories, folklore, and old-fashioned photography. My drawings are like Aesop's fables for the post-industrial era.
I like to play with surrealistic juxtapositions of animals in a man-made environment - either posing as a person or replacing man-made technology - to illustrate the ways people and animals are similar but also to create unusual, humorous or vaguely unsettling images.
Sometimes I focus on times when human history clashed with natural history, such as in my Extinct Birds series, which shows birds that have gone extinct as a result of direct human interference.
I depicted the birds dressed in clothing that was fashionable during the year that they went extinct as a way of visually connecting the animal's history with our own.
In other drawings, I imagine an alternate history where animals have taken the place of humans, like in my Explorers and Gilded Age series.
For The Gilded Age, I replaced the human subjects in the photos with animals as a way to illustrate character traits - such as fearful, enigmatic, mournful, dominant or pitiable - that we often also associate with animals.
The animals in these drawings become visible manifestations of these traits underneath the domesticated "gilding" that humans have cultivated to mask their primal, animalistic nature.
Another one of my latest projects involves illustrating the "Fearsome Critters of the Lumberwoods" - fantastical fictional creatures conjured up by lumberjacks while they sat around their campfires.
These Fearsome Critters were their way of explaining unknown sights and sounds in the vast forests of North America.


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