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Gallery Of Cartoons By Velickovic Miodrag - Serbia
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Velickovic Miodrag - Serbia
In Leskovac, on May 05, 2010, after a long illness, died Miodrag Velickovic , best known caricaturist in his hometown and one of the best in Serbia, a technical illustrator and longtime editor of the weekly Nasa rec (Our Word).
Velickovic claimed that his first cartoon published in the Hungarian gazette Mladost forty years ago and so far in numerous magazines, his signature emerged more than 41,000 cartoons.
Velickovic won sixty international and local awards in prestigious cartoon competitions, among them is the Grand Prize in the 21st International Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest 2001 in Istanbul, Turkey, and won also the prestigious award Pjer.
He was a member of a number of international juries at home and abroad.
Had 14 solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad, and illustrated about thirty books by well-known Serbian writers.
Miodrag Velickovic had won 104 national and international awards in total.
Velickovic did not hide that was once the self censorship, especially at the time of Tito's Yugoslavia.
My most successful year was in 1996, when I was among the ten best cartoonists of the world classified elsewhere.
Then I won eight first prizes, two in the country and six overseas.
That's enough for lif , said Miodrag Velickovic.
He was awarded the Golden Badge of Serbia and the October prison Award of Leskovac.
Burial of the remains of Miodrag Velickovic was held at the cemetery Spitaljskom in Leskovac.

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