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Gallery Of Cartoons By Oleksy Kustovsky - Ukraine
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Oleksy Kustovsky - Ukraine
Artist, cartoonist, illustrator
Graduated National Agricultural University
From 2003, won more than 90 prizes on international cartoon contests.
Awards: Gold Prize / LM International Cartoon Exhibition 2003 (China)
First Prize / Nature & Man Cartoon Contest "Drought & Water" (Turkey)
First Prize / International competition on drawing for women “Jaka bede.. 2009” (Olsztyn, Poland)
Gold Prize / 3rd "Molla Nasreddin-Azerbaijan 2010" International Cartoon Contest (Azerbaijan)
First Prize "MUSSEL - 2010" / The 2nd International Cartoon Contest "Mussel & Fish 2010" (Bulgaria)
Grand Prix in Presov (2013, Slovakia), Stuttgart (2013, Germany),
7-77 prize in Ankara (2014, Turkey)
Damascus (2014, Syria)
Istanbul (2014, Turkey)
Poltava and Kherson (2015, Ukraine)
Tabriz (2015, Iran)
Montpellier (2015, France)
Gura Humorului (2015, Romania)
Braila (2015, Romania)
Skopje(2015, Macedonia).
Published cartoons in newspapers and magazines from Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Sweden
Solo exhibition: Belgorod, 2010 (Russia)
Collective exhibition: Pisek (Cartoon Meeting Point Písek-2010), Czech Republic
Member of the Jury: The International Cartoon Contest “LM” in China (2005), The International Cartoon Festival «CLEAR LOOK-2010» (Russia), The International Cartoon Contest «Jaka bede» in Poland (2010, 2011, 2012), The 32nd Nasreddin Hodja Cartoon Contest in Turkey (2012), International "Salt & Pepper" Satirical Art Salon in (2013)
Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.
Lives in Vyshneve, Ukrayne

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