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Gallery Of Cartoons By Klaas Verplancke - Belgium
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Klaas Verplancke is one of the most famous Flemish illustrators.
He illustrates, among other magazines and making books for all ages and genres. He won several important prizes at home and abroad.
He studied advertising graphics and photography at the St.
Lucas Institute in Ghent. After his studies he promoted the mental and physical agility of Belgian soldiers as a designer of the military magazine VOX. Later he went to make the advertisement for mayonnaise, hemorrhoid cream and snapshot thread. After an endless series of publications and books in 60 translations Klaas is an internationally acclaimed illustrator who occasionally writes once.
Often to laugh, sometimes serious but every day better than yesterday.
After he had worked with many Flemish and Dutch authors Klaas Verplancke started in 1996 itself to write lyrics.
A real breakthrough came with Jot, a timeless parable. Later, Roots, in 2005 the double book nubs and Reusen Applesauce in 2010 which has since been translated into 14 languages. Several of his books were made into a theater.
In 2004 Klaas was the first Fleming member of the international jury of the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition. Together with four other judges, he selected 100 illustrators whose work was exhibited at the international children's book fair in Bologna. Verplancke was also a founding member of the Flemish Illustrators Club (VIC).
In 25 years developed Klaas Verplancke from a subservient illustrator of picture books for youth and an idiosyncratic author whose visual images lead their own lives next to the text. It resulted in exhibitions at home and abroad, and in a series of awards and nominations, highlighted the dual award of the prestigious Bologna Ragazzi Award 2001 for Ozewiezewoze and self-written Jot, the Book Peacock (2003), two Book Cubs, 10 consecutive nominations for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award and a finalist at the Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration for lifetime achievement (2005).
At a first glance may Verplanckes drawings and paintings are very different in design and execution, they always show the qualities that make him as an illustrator and designer characteristics: a humor that can range from mild to sardonic, a poetic imagination, a preference for imagining abstract concepts and universal emotions, and a transverse, surreal view of reality. He uses various techniques like scraperboard, acrylics, collage, photographic material, pen and pencil and computer.
Illustrating is primarily an intellectual exercise. From my past as an art director in the advertising industry, I have the technique of conceptual visualization on account. How can emotions, feelings, and what we see with eyes closed, imagining and articulating? That is essentially the comfort and reassurance that we are looking at stories and images. A creation as a mirror of ourselves. Only once got an idea in my head shape, create image on sketch paper. Form and technique at the service of the content. Therefore, every book in my work a different look.


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