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Gallery Of Cartoons By Jotta A - Brazil
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Jotta A - Brazil
Jota A has been a cartoonist for Jornal O Dia since 1988, where he was also an art editor and author of one of his latest graphic projects, a student of Visual Arts at the Federal University of Piaui-UFPI, creator of the Medplan Humor Salon.
He is one of the most awarded cartoonists in Brazil with about 115 prizes in humor salons (in addition to 2 prizes in salons of plastic arts) in Brazil and Portugal. They have maintained since 1990 a comic strip at O Dia.
He is currently editor of O Dia's children's page and publishes half a page of humor on Sundays in the same newspaper called Garatujas.
He released in 97 the book of cartoons "Humor All Day" and in 2005 "Cara and Crown".
He is a member of the National Mood Foundation where he teaches lectures and courses on the design of humor for children and adolescents in schools and colleges.


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