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Gallery Of Cartoons By Darko Drljevic - Montenegro
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Darko Drljevic - Montenegro

born in 1962.

In Kolasin, Montenegro.

He has been a freelance artist since 1997.

President of the Association of Cartoonists of Montenegro and the branch of the European Association of Cartoonists (FECO Montenegro).

So far he has won 98 awards at domestic and international competitions.

He had up to now 43 solo and over 450 collective exhibitions.

He participated in many painting colonies and cartoon colonies, including: Zajecar 2000, Krusevac 2002, Vrsac 2000, Danilovgrad 2002, 2003, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, Zemun 2006, Ploiesti (RO) 2001, Busteni (RO) 2004, Pula Hr 2010, Bijeljina RS ... ... It is included in the world anthology Famous World Cartoonists.

He is the founder and editor of the humor magazine Tus and organizer of the first international cartoon festival  Kolasin 2007.

He is engaged in painting, illustration, graphics, illustration of textbooks, as well as animated films.

He published a book of cartoons and short stories in 2010.

She is currently working as a humor and cartoon editor in the daily newspaper Dnevne Novine.

He illustrated many books and school textbooks.

He published cartoons in various magazines and daily newspapers as well as on TV shows.

He also deals with amateur theater.

At the festival of amateur theaters in Bijelo Polje, for the play Conekt won a special award for the best authorial text.

The performance was played throughout Montenegro, as well as in Zagreb, Pula and Split.

He lives and works in Podgorica.


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