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Gallery Of Cartoons By Czeslaw Przezak - Poland
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Czeslaw Przezak - Poland
Born in Wroclaw, member of the Association of Polish Caricature Artists / SPAK /.
Press release:
1986 Carousel Poland/ Carousel debut and Eulenspiegel/ Germany /Eulenspiegel
with about 15 magazines including the Gazeta Wroclawska, Winged Poland, Carousel, Tygodnik Solidarnosc, Aida and the international online magazine Fenamizah
He has participated in many national exhibitions such as the prestigious Satyrykon in Legnica, and many international exhibitions in Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Turkey, Russia, Iran, USA, Romania, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Austria, Armenia, India, Italy, Egypt, Peru, Colombia.
He has exhibited at over 100 national and international exhibitions.
Prizes and awards:
Honorary Award, Zyrardow 2011, the Prize of the President of the City of Zyrardow, first prize in the contest of the Caricature Museum Drawing of the month, June 2013, the Prize of the Caricature Museum in Warsaw in the contest Medi @ social Zielona Gora-Debut 2013, first prize-Tallinn, Estonia - Living Streets 2014, SPAK - Zyrardow 2014. Tabriz-Iran City & Citizen 2016.

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