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Gallery Of Cartoons By Ahmet Ozturklevent - Turkey
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Ahmet Ozturklevent - Turkey
Artist / caricaturist / architect
Ahmet Ozturklevent graduated from Konya Academy of Architecture and Engineering in 1980. 
He has received many awards in numerous international caricature competitions. 
He won the grand award (2004) and an award of merit (2005) in the International Nasreddin Hoca Caricature Competition as well as the first prize (2008) in the Nehar Tublek Caricature Competition. 
Most recently in 2008 he won the first prize in the Ayd?n Dogan International Caricature Competition. 
His caricatures can be seen in many books, exhibitions, albums and newspapers. Ozturklevent is also the representative of Cekul Foundation in Alanya.


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