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Gallery Of Cartoons By Ahmet Aykanat - Turkey
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Ahmet Aykanat - Turkey
He was born in Delemenler Village of Alasehir in 1950.
He worked as philosophy teacher in Orhangazi, Karacabey and Bursa and worked as prelector in Uludag University Department of Classroom Teaching.
His first cartton was published in Gunayd?n Ustura magazine in 1969.
His cartoons took place on the pages of daily and weekly newspapers such as Demokrat Izmir, Yeni Adana, Orhangazi Yenigün, Hedef, Iznik Dogus, Bursa Hakimiyet, Bursa 2000 and Hurriyet.
Beginning from 1973 he had solo exhibitions in Istanbul, Cyprus, Holland and South Korea.
He has three cartton albums, namely: “Cizgi ile” (1988), “Nasrettin Hoca’n?n Torunlar?: Ahmet Aykanat” (2002), “Ahmet Aykanat Karikatur Albumu” (2003); he won more than 60 prizes in national and international cartoon contests.

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