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Gallery Of Cartoon & Illustrations By Renato Alarcao - Brazil
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Renato Alarcao - Brazil
At age nine I had my first client, a teacher who wanted posters with cute characters to decorate the children's room that ABC was learning.
In one week I gave her the job and she paid me double what I had asked for.
At 17 I decided to take the gift seriously and went to study Visual Communication.
In the School of Fine Arts, the place I liked best was the engraving studio, because there was a real camaraderie between masters and students.
I studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where I also attended The Center for Book Arts, a school focused on the traditions of the book and its contemporary interpretations as object and artistic support.
In the USA I also won scholarships and created a social art education project that brought together visual arts, recycled paper production, bookbinding and writing in the so-called visual memoirs.
That experience gave birth to Diario Grafico, today my most sought after course that has taken me to travel from north to south of Brazil.
My professional career completed just 20 years ago. As an illustrator I continue to give the word visuality and create worlds and people on blank paper.
As an art teacher, I try to serve as a bridge for my students to cross their rivers of uncertainty and discover on the other side the territory of their self-expression.

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