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Gallery Of Cartoon & Illustrations By Jasper Rietman - Netherlands
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Jasper Rietman - Netherlands
Dutch illustrator Jasper Rietman’s cleverly succinct editorial illustrations
The last time we featured illustrator Jasper Rietman’s work he was creating three-panelled comic strips without text.
Still letting the visuals do the talking, it seems Jasper is on a roll with editorial illustrations as a string of his commissions are all laid out neatly on his website.
With work created for The Washington Post, The New York Times Magazine, The Guardian and Variety, the Dutch illustrator’s style is clean, crisp and spattered with fun little details.
They aren’t as bizarre as his comics, but they’re just as succinct as Jasper manages to convey the story perfectly without cluttering the space he’s been given.
Tidy lines combined with lovely blocks of bright colour, Jasper’s illustrations are both communicative and clever.

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