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Gallery Of Cartoon & Caricatures By Tomas Serrano - Spain
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Tomas Serrano - Spain
born on 20th August 1960 in Leon, Spain. 
He graduated in architecture from the ETSA of Madrid (Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid). 
Drawing was his passion since he could remember. 
Soon he created his own characters and used them in a lot of cartoons. 
His early influences were Disney's animated shorts and 70's Spanish comics authors. Since the 80's Tomas Serrano published his cartoons and caricatures in the Spanish papers. 
In 1995 he obtained; as a cartoonist, the renowned Mingote Award. 
This prize opened doors for him and his cartoons were published in the influential Blanco & Negro magazine. 
In 2011, Tomas Serrano was rewarded in the gag category of the World Press Cartoon Sintra, Portugal. 
In may 2014 he began drawing caricatures and editorial illustrations for the Spanish national newspaper ABC. 
He wrote and illustrated two children's books: SalfOn el limpiador de tejado(SallOn the Roofcleaner, published in 2001 by the prestigious Editorial Lumen of Barcelona, and also distributed in several countries in South America) and Lula en la Casa Lis (published in 2010 by the Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Deco of Salamanca). Tomas loves classic movies and pop rock music. 
He wrote and directed some video shorts and finished in 2013 his first animated official music video for the singer Sarabeth Tucek. 
Tomas Serrano lives and works in Salamanca; Spain.

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