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Gallery Of Cartoon And Illustration By Salaman Taheri-Iran
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Gallery of cartoon and illustration by Salaman Taheri-Iran
Born in 1358 in Ahvaz .
A graduate of civil engineering from the University of Science and Technology 1382.
Cartoon Art activities with student publications in 1376 Continuous cooperation with the Institute of Gul Agha, especially of "guys ... Gul Agha" in 1378 Cartoon and animation career began in 1385.
Gul Agha first cartoon contest on the theme of the environment in 1378.
Home favorite cartoon effect cartoon Nationwide Students Festival 1381. 
First official Gul Agha Caricature Contest 1382 .
Second place in the field of taxation Press Festival 1385 .

Prime thirteenth Iranian Press Festival 1385.
Illustration "The guys I play" by M. respect / Publishing Gul Agha 1382 .
Illustrating the book "Who moved the table?" By M. respect / Publishing Gul Agha 1385 .
Illustration book "was like sticking" by M. respect / Publishing Gul Agha 1385

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