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Gallery Of Caricatures By Bogdan Covaciu - Romania
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Bogdan Covaciu - Romania
I was born in Baia Mare, Romania.
I started my art interest in '86 at a tender age of 11.
I finished Bio Chemistry high school but shortly after I completed an Advertising & Public Relations Diploma and studied web applications at Phoenix Institute Cluj Napoca in Romania.
Since 93-94 l was actively involved creatively and technically across various fields of work that used my education and skill set.
Non kept me interested as much as my love for art, especially caricature and pinup.
In 2010 I start drawing again, learning everything from scratch, and I decided to employ my artistic point of view by freelancing illustrations and caricatures.
I'm highly active within creative community groups and have won art challenges.
I'm interested in working with advertising agencies and specialise in poster pin ups and stylised character illustration caricatures.

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