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Gallery Of Caricature By Jaume Cullell - Spain
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Jaume Cullell - Spain
I'm a freelance caricaturist and ilustrator from Barcelona, Spain.
I have worked as character designer and storyboard artist for TV series and advertisements, for seven years. 
I've also done illustrations for roleplaying games, magazines and comicbooks. 
Now I'm working as caricaturist and illustrator.
I was born in Montornes del Valles, Spain in 1983.
I always had passion for drawing, and since I can remember I was always drawing everywhere I was.
When I finished my studies at college, I studied in the Animation School of Catalunya for three years.
Soon I started to work as a storyboard artist for advertisements and music videos.
Thereafter I've been working as character and props designer for animation TV series in many studios such as: Neptuno Films, Garage Films, Southern Star and BKN International.
I've been Design Supervisor for TV series: Zorro Generation Z, Pocket Penguins, Stone Age and Joshua Blake.
I've also done some ilustrations for roleplaying games and boardgames: Arkharia, FallenSun, Ethos.
Now I'm working as caricaturist, doing studio caricatures and also doing fast caricatures in events, weddings, birthdays, etc...
I've studied with the great artists Stephen Silver, Jason Seiler and Paul Moyse, and keep on trying to improve my drawing skills every day.
I'm also teaching drawing and Illustration in Barcelona, Spain.
I believe that there's no other way to succes than illusion, persistence, and hard work.

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