International Book Cartoon Contest
Country public Libraries institution held’s by cooperation of Iranian House of cartoon.
Theme: Book
Book and Library
I Read Book
Everybody Read Book
Read Good Book
Grownup with Book
Future belongs to book readers
- Each participant can send maximum 5 artworks.
- Sending (Name, family name, post address, Email address and Tel)
of artists Just by word file is necessary.
- The catalogue will be send to the entire artist that their
artworks published in the catalogue.
- Artworks must be in 200 dpi by width or length of 1500 pixel by jpg format.
- Subject of “Book Contest” must be mentioned in the send Email.
-Artworks should not won any prize before!
Firs prize: $2000, Honorable mention & Trophy.
Second prize: $ 1500, Honorable mention & Trophy.
Third prize: $ 1000, Honorable mention & Trophy.
5 Honorable mention & trophy
Deadline:6th Sep., 2011
Address for sending artworks: