Agim Sulaj
1960 Born in Tirana, Albania
1979 Won Special Prize of "Hosteni Comic Magazine" at traditional comic competition with his cartoon "Dige"1982 Wan 1st Prize of "Hosteni Comic Magazine "with the logo he designed for "70th Anniversary of Independence of Albania"1984 Won 3rd prize of "Hosteni Comic Magazine" with his work" Diversity and globalize".

In the same year he won special  work "Hypocrite Man" at the contest which has been organized for 40th anniversary of Albania in Tirana. Fine Arts College.1985 Graduated from Tirana Fine Arts College.1986 Won 1st prize with his work "My cigarette's smoke is on everyone" at the contest Which has been organized by "Hosteni Comic magazine".

1988 Won 1st prize at The Balkans Cartoon Competition with his work "Environment and
Human", Seres Greece1990 Personal exhibition in Greece National Museum named "All Pascia", won "Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition" special prize, Ankara (Turkey) 1992 Personal exhibition at "Meeting" event, Rimini, Italy1993 Personal exhibition in Brindisi Municipality Building (Italy)1997 His works published in "Artists and Graphic Designers 1997", New York, U.S. 1998 Won 1st prize in "Euro humor", Cuneo (Italy) / Personal exhibition in Podesta Palace, Rimini (Italy)1999 Personal exhibition in "Imagine Gallery", Rimini (Italy)

/ Honorary Mention at
International Cartoon Competition, Tolentino (Italy)2000 Mixed exhibition in "Stefano Forni Gallery", Bologna (Italy)/Won a prize at Omaggio a Charles Shulz International Competition. 2001 Personal exhibition at Fregoso Castle, Sont'agoto (Italy) /Participated mixed exhibition At Forni Gallery "Europei Erranti", Bologna (Italy(2002 Personal exhibition in Forni's Studio, Milan (Italy) / Won "Euro humor" International Special Prize, Cuneo (Italy)2003 Participated "Forni Gallery" mixed exhibition, Bologna (Italy) / Won 2special prizes In Tolentino International Comic Art Competition (Italy) / He attended the jury committee at a special contest about Europe, Cuneo (Italy)2004 Won 1st prize at Cuneo Comic Festival (Italy) /

Mixed exhibition in Tirana National
Gallery (Albania) / Personal exhibition at Tirana National Gallery (Albania)2005Won special award at Europe Cartoon Competition "Painters House" (Belgium) / Personal exhibition at Stefano Forni Gallery, Bologna (Italy) / He participated in the Manifesto of Tirana National Gallery and Fine Arts Gallery about Albania's national hero Skenderbeu figure / Won special prize at 23rd Tolentino International Comic Art festival / Personal exhibition of "Emigranti Gallery",

Tirana (Albania)
2006 Participated Musicarte mixed exhibition in Stefano Forni Gallery, Bologna (Italy) / Personal exhibition Interazioni at Palazzo Ducale di Podesta, Rimini (Italy) / Won Grand Prix at Kosovo Cartoon World 2006 Competition with his work "Independence" /

Won 1st
Prize at Tourcoing International Cartoon Competition 2006 with his work "Lo Straniero"(France) / Won 1st prize at "Euro humor" International Comic Art Festival with his work "School, can it teach life?", Cuneo (Italy (2007 Won European Cartoonists Competition with his work "Locks and keys", Belgium