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Gallery Of Photomontages By Tomasz Zaczeniuk - Poland
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Tomasz Zaczeniuk - Poland
Tomasz Zaczeniuk is intrigued by the concept of escapism.
His photo manipulations are designed to take people out of their every day lives and into something better even if just for a while.
The artist loves animals and wishes to live in a world where every human being shows respect for the entire natural world.
This photo series is all about reacting against the terrible cruelty shown to animals each and every day.
Through his work, Tomasz wishes to highlight the plight of what man and industry are doing to mother nature.
Tomasz Zaczeniuk is a Polish photographer dedicated to surreal photo manipulations that are impressive.
The dreamlike reality he creates are inspired by the music he listens to.
Tomasz was born in 1978 and have been interested in photography since a teenager. Photography helps us to look at the world around us, it’s the way to show and express our emotions.
Finally gives us opportunity to remember some unique moments and show crazy ideas which were born somewhere in our imagination. Why do we take photographs? To arouse emotions, all the good ones and bad ones, to wake up our memories, our imagination and hidden feelings, finally to take a breake for a moment in everyday’s madness.

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