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Gallery Of Illustrations By Henry Gonzalez - Colombia
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Henry Gonzalez nation in Bogota, Colombia; they are desempenado as illustrator for different proyectos y empresas has colaborado durante 23 anos para diferentes proyectos de libros infantiles y juveniles with publishers such as Pan (Colombia), Norma (Colombia), SM (Argentina - Colombia) Anaya (Espana), EDB (Argentina-Colombia), Santillana (Argentina) Aique (Argentina), Oceania (Spain) between otras, su trabajo no solo has estado in marco children but also in otros medios visual such as: magazine Panorama de Las Americas the airline Copa Airlines, Avianca magazine, Revista Summa Costa Rica, SOHO magazine, Casa Editorial El Tiempo and Agencies advertise in the Young Cam Rubi City and studied how USA
His indefatigable gusto por las diferentes tecnicas pictorial, the drawing and the Enlightenment otros formats applied to it to get up to working in different experimental proyectos as "The Puppet Procession Club" (creative and assembler personajes Group puppets for adults).


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