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Gallery Of Caricature & Illustrations By Ovi Hondru - Romania
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Ovi is truly an international artist.
Born in Romania, he studied with the Art Students League of NYC and has lived and worked in the US and abroad.
Currently, he resides in Merida, Mexico.
Blending his painting skills with a strong technical background and cutting-edge creativity, he creates innovative illustrations and paintings.
He works both in traditional and digital media. With 20+ years experience, Ovi has established a reputation for delivering high-quality work on-time, thriving under pressure while managing a broad range of responsibilities.
Ovi has worked with every major Agency and Client in the U.S. and abroad.
His client list includes: Carnation, MasterCard, State Farm, Pepsi, Olive Garden, Gillette, Halos, Campari, DHL, HBO, Amazon Original Series, Infiniti, Grey Goose, Miller Brewing, Budweiser, Red Bull, Disney, British Air, McDonalds, and Apple.
He is bilingual in both English and French. Other languages spoken include: Italian, Spanish, German and Romanian.


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