Irancartoon FIRST INFORMATION CENTER OF IRANIAN CARTOONISTS ON THE WEBGallery of Illustrations By Marcelo Braga - Argentina 2018-06-18T13:46:22+04:30Website Admin<div>Marcelo Braga - Argentina<br />Macacolandia brings together today the most recent projects and works of illustrator Marcelo Braga. Besides the professional part, the site includes Diburros, his blog with sketches, ideas and personal portfolio. <br />Since 2014, Braga has worked exclusively with Y &amp; R and has eventually become involved in editorial projects that do not conflict with the agency.<br />The name Macacolandia, an old acquaintance of the advertising market, comes from the illustration studio that shared with Danilo Beyruth, Marcelo Daldoce and Maur&iacute;cio Zuardi until 2011. <br />The studio made beautiful, gained a lot of space between editors and art directors of the main agencies of Brazil, consolidating An enviable reputation and a consistent body of work. <br />In 2004, the year of the Monkey in the Chinese horoscope, the studio began, greatly influenced by masters such as Fransesc Petit and Brasilio Matsumoto, heritage of the illustrators' passage through the DPZ and 6B studio. <br />Two years later they launched the "Give more life to the drawings" campaign made by Fischer America, today Fischer &amp; Friends. It has been quite successful and is still thoroughly plagiarized, copied and reproduced there.<br />Macacolandia was also nominated for the 2007 Best of the Club of Creation Club in Sao Paulo along with veterans and friends Adelmo Barreira and 6B Studio, who won the trophy.<br />Video portfolio of 2007 edited by Mauritius for presentation in the "CCSP - Best of the Market 2007" award. The team at the time were Danilo Beyruth, Marcelo Daldoce, Marcelo Braga, Maur&iacute;cio Zuardi, Aline P. Butler, Bruno Monteiro and Maria Helena Souza. Soundtrack: "Happy Boy", Beat Farmers, Tales of the New West (1985)<br />Later in 2009, Mauricio decided to leave the studio to devote himself entirely to design, showing a lot of competence and talent as usual. However, once monkey, always monkey and its collaborations with Macacolandia are constant. This is the old site and this one, brand new.<br />A year later Daldoce traded Sao Paulo through the streets of Broklyn, NY, acting there as one of the most promising Brazilian artists. <br />Danilo also gave in to his passion for comics and left the studio in 2011 to become one of the most important comics in the country with the award-winning Graphic Novels "Bando de Dois", "Astronaut - Magnetar", "Sao Jorge" Astronaut - Singularity "and several others. <br />He currently makes comics for MARVEL.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/marcelo_braga_-_argentina_11111111_(1)-300x300.jpg" border="0" /></p>Gallery of Illustration &amp; paints by paulo vieira - Brazil 2018-06-18T13:38:02+04:30Website Admin<div>paulo vieira - Brazil<br />The painter Paulo Vieira presents at the Galeria Movimento, Shopping Atlantico Shopping Center, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, the exhibition "After Today". This is the artist's second solo show in Rio de Janeiro - the last one was held in 2011 - with more than 30 years of career. <br />Rigorous, obsessive and profound student of painting, Paulo Vieira presents 41 works, among them, 31 oils on canvas and 10 on paper with acrylic, graphite and crayons. <br />The artist's work escapes from traditional figuration and presents evocative and random images such as the verse by Paulo Leminski that baptizes the exhibition. "When you look at the set, you think it was born that way. <br />But these works were not done by imagining an exhibition. <br />I wanted to repaint with oil, which I had not done for a long time, "he says. As he preferred to work with small format screens, the set of images acquired a fragmentary character and, paradoxically, a strong cohesion.<br />The whole exhibition revolves around the concept of self-portrait. "All my painting is self-portrait," he reiterates, beginning with an impressive work on graphite and large crayons that anchors exposure. <br />Images that suggest memories and dreams populate the screens carefully articulated around the ideas of isolation, incommunicability and inner life. "They talk inside. Each tells a story, but each spectator completes it with their individual experiences, "adds Paul.<br />According to the curator Mauro Trindade, the portrait is an expensive subject for painting, a genre that Baudelaire found to be so modest in appearance and in need of immense intelligence. <br />"Without the grandiloquence of the historical painting or the effects of the landscape, the portrait allowed the construction of a certain identity today undermined by the erring personality of the subject nowadays. <br />In this context the exhibition After Today can be understood as a great self-portrait, "he concludes.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p>Gallery of Illustrations By Raul Allen - Spain 2018-06-18T13:23:23+04:30Website Admin<div>Raul Allen - Spain<br />The town of Valladolid saw him grow up, come and go. <br />While in Salamanca he graduated from Fine Arts, later on he moved to Boston to study Illustration and Design. <br />He currently lives in Spain. <br />He is been always searching for a way to see the inside and outside of things, to the extreme of sleeping with his eyes open.<br />His work has been selected and awarded by the Society of Illustrators of NY 49th Annual Exhibition, Illustration West 43, 3&times;3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, The National Drawing Award Gregorio Prieto, Expocomic,Jovenes Creadores2006 Comunidad Madrid , Artis Gallery Drawing Award, Arte Joven of La Junta de Castilla y Leon, and La Diputacion de Valladolid. His work has been exhibited in New York, Boston, Madrid and Barcelona.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/raul011.jpg" border="0" /></p>Gallery of paintings By Benjamin Bjorklund - Sweden2018-06-18T13:15:41+04:30Website Admin<div>Benjamin Bjorklund - Sweden<br />Born in Trollhattan, near the west coast of Sweden and the now redundant home of the eleven great creators of motor car, Saab, Benjamin Bjorklund has enjoyed a varied career as a prison night guard, psychiatric nurse and studied to be a veterinary technician. <br />As a painter he draws upon past experiences and current influences to create in oil and watercolor.<br />He lives in Uppsala, Sweden.<br />Spending the majority of his time in Sweden, Ben enjoys a simple life based on a small rustic 19th century wooden farm house shared with his Great Dane and muse, Solomon, and the menagerie of pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats.<br />Finding inspiration in everyday life, Ben regularly seeks to interpret through his paintings the emotions and characters of the beings that surround him. <br />He keeps his compositions and focal points simplistic, ensuring his subjects remain within reach. <br />Subjects such as Solomon, both wild and domestic animals and family members feature predominately, though he also works from old photos and memories as references.<br />Ben's figurative and portraiture work can, at times, depict scenes bordering on the surreal with characters influenced by those around him existing in various physical or emotional situations. <br />These are usually emphasized through the use of abstracted light and darts of color. These refer to the 'happy mistakes' being borne from spontaneous actions and serving to focus the viewer's attention whilst adding to the emotional impact on the viewer.<br />Having sold work around the world Ben's painting are held in private collections in a number of cities including London, NY, LA, San Fransisco, Melbourne and across Sweden and Europe.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/shojai3/Benjamin%20Bjorklund%20-%20Sweden%20(1)%2011111.jpg" border="0" width="500" height="500" /></p>Gallery of Cartoon &amp; Illustrations by Bruce McCall - Canada2018-06-18T12:19:01+04:30Website Admin<div>Bruce McCall - Canada<br />Bruce McCall (born 1935) is a Canadian author and illustrator, best known for his frequent contributions to The New Yorker.<br />Born and raised in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, he was fascinated by comic books and showed an early aptitude for drawing fantastical flying machines, blimps, bulbous-nosed muscle cars and futuristic dioramas.<br />In his memoir, Thin Ice (1997), McCall admitted that he was never good at physical activity as a boy, but could count on his mother to encourage his creativity. <br />Bruce's father T.C. was imperious and unemotional, and left his alcoholic wife Peg without the attention she needed. Peg and the children tried to strike an attachment to him, but his stormy moods frequently pushed them aside.<br />Without any serious technical training, McCall began his illustration career drawing cars for Ford Motor Company in Toronto in the 1950s. <br />After several decades in advertising, he sought opportunities elsewhere in the publishing industry.<br />He went to New York City, and was hired by National Lampoon and made a name for himself as an artist with intelligent and whimsical humor. <br />McCall also spent a brief period writing sketches for Saturday Night Live.<br />McCall has illustrated magazine covers, regularly appearing in The New Yorker and other magazines. He has been a contributor to the magazine since 1979.<br />McCall is also a humourist, and has written essays on some of the social ironies of modern life. He writes frequently for the "Shouts &amp; Murmurs" section of The New Yorker.<br />McCall lives on the Upper West Side of New York near Central Park.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/shojai3/Bruce%20McCall%20-%20Canada%201111.jpg" border="0" width="500" height="500" /></p>Gallery of Illustrations By Antonio Hernandez Palacios - Spain 2018-06-17T11:35:38+04:30Website Admin<div>Antonio Hernandez Palacios - Spain<br />Antonio Hernandez Palacios (1921 &middot; 2000), was a Spanish painter and cartoonist, creator of the series Manos Kelly and El Cid, among others.<br />He was born in Madrid in 1921 and trained at the School of Fine Arts in San Fernando, where he received classes from V&aacute;zquez D&iacute;az, along with other artists such as Jorge Oteiza, Pedro Mozos and Francisco Cossio.<br />The Civil War interrupted its race and to its term began in the illustration of cinematographic posters that gave to him a great dominion of the plastic space and a certain tendency to the monumentality. <br />He will also draw some comic strips, such as the two chapters of El Capitan Maravillas (Valenciana, 1943) . <br />However, most of his professional life went through these years, and until the late 1960s, working in the advertising field, where he arrived To achieve great prestige and renown.<br />He was tired of an activity that was too demanding at times and was very routine, and influenced by the new theatrical currents that arrived from the other side of the Pyrenees, Hernandez Palacios decided to turn his glance back to the world of the comic strip, Which had already transited before in a rather sporadic way. In this way, he prepared a few plates of three possible series that dealt with the police (Nuri Evans), historical (El Cid) and western (Manos Kelly) themes and presented them to Trinca magazine, which had just appeared in Spanish publishing market. <br />It was from that moment, 1970, when his work began to be better known. <br />In Trinca, the titles of Manos Kelly and El Cid were published, as well as a new series (The Pay of the Soldier), all characterized by a spectacular and opulent drawing, well above the level of their scripts.<br />These works in Trinca opened the doors to him of the European market and in 1974 began to draw the series of the west Mac Coy for the French publisher Dargaud, title that would have to be published in Spain by Grijalbo and of which got to realize 21 albums.<br />Parallel to this western, he carries out several works for the Ikusager Images' History Pictures collection, beginning in the middle of the political transition a series on the Spanish Civil War that he had planned to develop in about twenty volumes, of which only four (1979), Rio Manzanares (1979), 1936, Euskadi in flames (1981) and Gorka Gudari (1987). <br />For the same publisher, Roncesvalles (1980) - a superb historical fresco on the mythical defeat inflicted on the army of the Frankish King Charlemagne concludes La toma de Coimbra (1982), the third album in his series El Cid, which he had left unfinished in The magazine Trinca by the closing of this one. <br />In 1984 he would perform The Crusade of Barbastro, the fourth and last album of this same series, which was also intended for many volumes and was equally unfinished when the author died.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/shojai3/Antonio%20Hernandez%20Palacios%201111.jpg" border="0" width="500" height="485" /></p>Gallery of Cartoon &amp; Illustrations By Eric Drooker - USA 2018-06-17T11:29:17+04:30Website Admin<div>Eric Drooker - USA<br />While Eric Drooker's drawings and posters have become a familiar sight in the global street art movement, his paintings appear frequently on covers of the New Yorker.<br />Born and raised in New York City, he began to slap his images on the streets as a teenager. <br />Over time, Drooker's reputation as a social critic led to countless editorial illustrations for the Nation, the New York Times, the Progressive, the Village Voice, etc.<br />He won the American Book Award for Flood! A Novel in Pictures, soon followed by Blood Song, and most recently, Howl: A Graphic Novel. <br />After designing the animation for the film, Howl, he was hired by DreamWorks Animation. <br />His art hangs in numerous collections including the Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Library of Congress. <br />He regularly draws from the figure, and is presently working on a series of nude paintings for an upcoming book, O Muse!</div> <p><a href="/admin/blog/blogpost/4208/گالری-منتخب-تصویر-سازی-های-اریک-دروکر-آمریکا-gallery-of-illustrations-by-eric-drooker-usa/" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/shojai3/Eric%20Drooker%20-%20USA%20111.jpg" border="0" width="500" height="500" /></p>Gallery of Illustrations By Manuele Fior - Italy 2018-06-17T11:12:22+04:30Website Admin<div>Manuele Fior - Italy<br />Born in Cesena in 1975. After getting a degree in architecture (Venice, 2000), he moved to Berlin, where he worked until 2005 as a cartoonist, illustrator and architect. In 1994 he won the first prize at &ldquo;Bienal do Juvenes Criadores do Mediteraneo,&rdquo; Lisbon &ndash; comics. <br />His collaboration with the German publisher Avant-Verlag began in 2001 with the magazine Plaque, which brings together a wide range of Italian authors, among them Mattotti, Igort, and Giandelli. <br />Since then he began an intense work on comic short stories written by his brother Daniel, which appeared in Black, Bile Noire, Stripburger, Forresten, and Osmosa. He published the graphic novels Cinq Mille Kilom&egrave;tres Par Seconde &ndash; Atrabile 2010 (Fauve d&rsquo;Or &ndash; Meilleur Album &ndash; Festival International de Angoul&ecirc;me 2011, Premio Gran Guinigi &ndash; Autore Unico, Lucca 2010), Mademoiselle Else &ndash; Delcourt 2009 (Prix de la ville de Gen&egrave;ve 2009), Icarus &ndash; Atrabile 2006 (Prix A. Micheluzzi Meilleur Dessin, Comicon 2006), Les Gens Le Dimanche &ndash; Atrabile 2004.<br />He collaborates with his illustrations for The New Yorker, Le Monde, Vanity Fair, Feltrinelli, Einaudi, La Repubblica, Sole 24 Ore, Edizioni EL, Fabbri, Internazionale, Il Manifesto, Rolling Stone Magazine, Les Inrocks, Nathan, Bayard, Far East Festival.<br />Manuele lives in Paris.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/rtyrtu.jpg" border="0" width="500" height="500" /></p>Gallery of illustrations by Fossard Christophe - France2018-06-17T11:05:12+04:30Website Admin<div>Fossard Christophe - France<br />I&rsquo;m Fossard Christophe aka Biboun, I&rsquo;m 35 years old and I live in montpellier at France. I&rsquo;m Illustrator/character designer in freelance. <br />I work on the video game, board game, animation and comics. <br />I&rsquo;m professional since 2007.<br />I work usually on computer with photoshop and painter. <br />I use wacom cintiq 24HD/ 21&Prime; and I like to draw on paper.<br />FR<br />Je m&rsquo;appelle Fossard Christophe aka Biboun, j&rsquo;ai 35 ans et vis &agrave; Montpellier en France ou je suis illustrateur/character designer freelance, je travaille dans le jeu video, jeu de plateaux/societe, animation et bande dessine. <br />J&rsquo;evolue professionnellement dans ces univers depuis 2007.<br />Je travaille principalement sur ordinateur, avec photoshop et painter, sur cintiq 24HD/ 21&Prime; et je garde toujours autant de plaisir &agrave; dessiner sur papier.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/0.jpg" border="0" width="500" height="500" /></p>Gallery of Illustrations by Anna Bron - Canada2018-06-17T10:51:27+04:30Website Admin<div>Anna Bron - Canada<br />I'm a freelance illustrator and designer based out of Vancouver, Canada. <br />I studied traditional animation at Sheridan college. <br />Passion Pictures; Amulet Books; Smithsonian Magazine; Milwaukee Magazine; Hornet Inc; Cricket Magazine; The School Magazine; ACME Filmworks; Global Mechanic; Cloudberry Records; Balsillie School of International Affairs; Jib Jab Media; McDonald's; Kellog's; Sainsbury's; Kraft; Quaker; Oreo; Hermes; Motorolla G; Suntory.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/anna-bron-300x300.jpg" border="0" width="500" height="500" /></p>Winners of The animal cartoon-Serbia 20182018-06-12T16:47:43+04:30Website Admin<div>Winners of The animal cartoon-Serbia 2018</div> <div><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></div>Gallery of Illustrations By Herve Tanquerelle - France2018-06-11T11:45:46+04:30Website Admin<p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> <div>Herve Tanquerelle - France<br />Herve Tanquerelle, born on August 9, 1972 in Nantes, is a cartoonist.<br />Herve Tanquerelle studied at the Ecole Emile-Cohl in Lyon, and has as professor Yves Got, draftsman of the black baron scripted by Rene Petillon.<br />In 1998, he published his first book, La Ballade du Petit Pendu, at the Association. <br />He participated in Comix 2000. <br />Following a collaboration with Hubert on the series The Legacy of the Alchemist he made the first three volumes. Joann Sfar finds him and gives him the graphic part of the series Professor Bell from the third album of the series to the fifth at the moment.<br />Regular contributor in the monthly Cosmic Capsule, he creates the character of Tete Noire, a Mexican wrestler who fights against silly monsters. <br />Shakabam is the first album of the Tete Noire series. <br />He was one of the regular designers of Lucha Libre in which he designed Melindez and the Luchadoritos, a series of gags in one page by Jerry Frissen.<br />He is, along with Gwen de Bonneval, Bruno, Cyril Pedrosa and Fabien Vehlmann, one of the founders of the digital comic magazine Professor Cyclops.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/shojai3/Herve%20Tanquerelle%20-%20France%201111%20(1).jpg" border="0" width="500" height="500" /></p>Gallery of Illustrations By Bartolome Segui - Spain 2018-06-11T11:25:23+04:30Website Admin<div>Bartolome Segui - Spain<br />Bartolome Segui<br />Bartolome (also Tomeu) Segui Nicolau is a cartoonist, illustrator and Spanish publisher, born in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands) in 1962.<br />He has published his works in magazines as diverse as Madriz or El Vibora and, turning to the French market, won in 2009 the National Comic Prize for the blind snakes, made in collaboration with the screenwriter Felipe Hernandez Cava.<br />As a child, Bartolome Segui read and copy draftsmen from the Bruguera School (Francisco Ibanez, Raf, Vazquez) and Franco-Belgians (Morris).<br />In the late seventies, he discovered authors such as Alberto Breccia, Carlos Gimenez, Moebius, Munoz and Sampayo or Hugo Pratt in the magazines Totem and Comix Internacional, who decided on his vocation. <br />His first comic appeared in Senda del comomico (1979) .<br />Professional beginnings (1983-1989)<br />He then received painting classes in Barcelona,while trying to make his way through national comic books, participating in Toutain Editor's 1983 comic book. <br />It was, however, through a study partner, daughter of Fernando Fernandez, Who was able to publish his first comic strip as a professional in the magazine that was going to edit this one: "Metropol" (1983). After his early closing, he published in Madriz "En alas de Mercurio" where his character appears for the first time the detective Simon Feijoo (1986), whose following short stories were compiled in the album A salto de mata (Editorial Complot, 1989). <br />He also published in El V&iacute;bora the series Lola and Ernesto (1988) and Hector and Rita (1990) .<br />Illustrator (1989-1997)<br />From 1989, with La Capseta d'Ivori he had turned to the illustration: Les curioses revoltes d'en Xaterot (1990), Traficant d'armes (1991), Al damunt d'un polvor&iacute; (1992), Les dues Banderes (1992), L'abat Oliva (1993), etc. <br />He also published comic albums such as "Luigi es Luis" (Ed. Milan, 1991) and "Locus de Barna"<br />Return to Mallorca (1998-2006) <br />After returning to Mallorca and with Sonia Delgado, he embarked on the publication of two children's comic magazines: Rifi Rafe, weekly supplement of the newspaper Ultima hora (1998-2002), 2 and Esquitx since 2000.<br />In the new century, he published for Edicions de Ponent, two other albums by Simon Feijoo: Cohibas Connection with script by Carles Santamar&iacute;a (2001) and Coca or ensaimada? (2003). With El sueno de Mexico (2004), written by Ramon de Espana (2004), he made his debut in the Franco-Belgian market through the publishing house Paquet. He also diversified his role as a children's illustrator, with stories for the publishing house Cruilla or SM or textbooks for Santillana and for Spanish for the Langenscheidt German publishing house. <br />Along the way, several comic strips in publications outside the medium, Two album projects that did not finish with Jorge Zentner in the script, 3 in addition to the strip Vuits I Nous, published daily since 2004 in the newspaper &Uacute;ltima hora de Baleares, with a screenplay by Ferran Aguilo.<br />Maturity and recognition (2007-present)<br />In 2006 and resolved to carry out a more ambitious work, he convinced screenwriter Felipe Hernandez Cava to collaborate in The Blind Snakes, which received in 2008 the prizes for Best Work and Best Screenplay at the 27th International Comic Show in Barcelona, The 9th Critics Awards in the categories of Best Work and Best Screenplay and the National Comic Book Prize. <br />In June of that same year, both began The Chaos, a two-volume political thriller set in 1953. <br />He also attended the Comic Book Barcelona, as part of the Balearic representation honored in the same.<br />In 2011, next to Gabi Beltran to the script, he drew the graphic novel Stories of the neighborhood, winning work of the Premi Ciutat of Palm of Comic 2010. In 2014, appears a continuation of the work, Stories of the neighborhood (roads), published in Castilian by Astiberri and in Catalan by Esquitx. In 2016, both albums were published in a single joint volume.<br />From March to May 2016, the Casal Solleric of Palma de Mallorca programmed the exhibition Interseccions. <br />Il&middot;lustracions i historietes by Bartolome Segui, curated by Juan Roig, a magnificent trip for his career as a draftsman. The catalog includes complete graphic documentation and abundant autobiographical material.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/shojai3/download.jpg" border="0" width="500" height="500" /></p>Gallery of Illustration &amp; Character designs By Mikkel Sommer - Denmark2018-06-11T11:16:43+04:30Website Admin<div>Mikkel Sommer - Denmark<br />Mikkel Sommer is a fella from Vanlose, Denmark.<br />He lives in Berlin with his wife and daughter.<br />Burn Out (Casterman) A 90 page graphic novel written by Antoine Ozanam.<br />Pirate Nights, a 1 page comic comic for the New York Times.<br />The Life of Nat Love A 6 page comic for the British film magazine Little White Lies. <br />De Gale (Rosinante&amp;Co) A 137 page comic book adaption of the novel by the same name from 1992, written by Kim Fupz Aakeson.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/5Mikkel%20Sommer%20-%20Denmark%201111.jpg" border="0" width="800" height="770" /></p>Gallery of Illustrations By Grant Regan - Australia 2018-06-11T10:50:23+04:30Website Admin<div>Grant Regan - Australia<br />Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I am a concept artist, matte-painter, storyboard and key-frame artist, retoucher, illustrator and art director with a proven track record in the fields of previsualisation and post-production.<br />With over 14 years professional experience and until recently based in Oslo, Norway for the past decade, I&rsquo;ve worked on a number of major Norwegian Film and Games productions. <br />I was the lead concept artist and assistant art director for the AAA MMORPG &lsquo;Age of Conan &ndash; Hyborian Adventures&lsquo; and I worked as the lead concept artist on follow-up expansion &lsquo;Rise of the Godslayer&lsquo;.<br />I&rsquo;ve undertaken matte-painting work on the Norwegian films, &lsquo;Kon-Tiki&lsquo; (nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe), &lsquo;Reisen til Julestjernen&lsquo;, &lsquo;Solan og Ludvig &ndash; Jul i Flaklypa&lsquo;, &lsquo;Solan og Ludvig &ndash; Herfra til Flaklypa&lsquo; and &lsquo;Kongens Nei&lsquo; as well as concept design work for the animated films &lsquo;Knutsen og Ludvigsen og den faele Rasputin&lsquo; and &lsquo;Solan og Ludvig &ndash; Herfra til Flaklypa&lsquo;. <br />A number of these films have won awards in the Norwegian Amanda awards as well as achieving record tickets sales in their home country. <br />My IMDB filmography can be found here.<br />Additionally, I&rsquo;ve undertaken previsualisation, storyboard and key-frame work for a number of television commercials, and book illustrations for a series of young adult fiction.<br />I have extensive experience in the creation and communication of a coherent art style to a team through previsualisation and direction. <br />I&rsquo;ve also been called upon to provide constant and consistent feedback to team members and external contractors alike, ensuring assets meet a designated brief as well as the production&rsquo;s vision, and are of the highest standard.<br />Additionally I have experience with 3D modelling packages such as Modo, 3D-sculpting packages such as Zbrush, texturing with Mari and some experience compositing with Nuke.<br />I&rsquo;ve worked directly with ingame tools in a number of projects, not least on &lsquo;Age of Conan &ndash; Hyborian Adventures&rsquo; where I personally undertook the creation of a number of game environments.<br />Recent clients include StartVR, Ink Project, Paradox Films.<br />Creativity and working with my hands is in my blood and in the past few years I&rsquo;ve taken to hand-building bicycles including the frames and I&rsquo;m currently in the process of building a workshop.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/shojai3/Grant%20Regan%20-%20Australia%20(47).jpg" border="0" width="500" height="570" /></p>Gallery of Illustrations By Jeremie Moreau - France2018-06-11T10:37:32+04:30Website Admin<div>Jeremie Moreau - France<br />JEREMIE MOREAU was born in 1987 in the Paris region, but now lives in Valencia. He quickly incorporated the Gobelins school, animation section, leaving some time aside the comic strip. <br />This experience makes him discover a drawing more moving and more expressive. <br />At the last International Comic Strip Festival in Angouleme in January 2012, Jeremie received the Prix Jeunes Talents. <br />In parallel, he works in animation cinema, as "character designer" .<br />"The Hartlepool Monkey", his first publication, has received numerous awards, including the 2013 Bookstore Prize and the Cheverny Castle Award for Historic Comics 2013. In 2014 he released a diptych on competition and tennis, Max Winson ". It is his first comic solo (scenario, drawing). Finally, he adapts the novel "Storm to the Stud" by Christophe Donner in comics, to be published in October 2015.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/Jeremie%20Moreau%20-%20France%201111.jpg" border="0" width="800" height="800" /></p>Gallery of Caricatures By Raul Arias - Spain 2018-06-10T12:49:01+04:30Website Admin<div>Raul Arias - Spain<br />Illustrator Raul Arias was born in Madrid, Spain in 1969. <br />His career as graphic designer &amp; illustrator began in the field of audiovisual animation, an activity which he combined with design &amp; illustrative work for publishers and advertising agencies.<br />After a period as a professor of animation, he started illustrating the comic series &lsquo;Bernardo &amp; Plonk&rsquo; for the El Pais newspaper.<br />Raul has won several international awards from the Society of Newspaper Design (SND) and the Society of Publishing Design (SPD) for his work commissioned by the newspaper El Mundo.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/shojai3/Raul%20Arias%20-%20Spain%201111.jpg" border="0" width="1000" height="1160" /></p>Gallery of Illustrations By Richolly Rosazza - Peru 2018-06-10T11:47:03+04:30Website Admin<div>Richolly Rosazza - Peru<br />Richolly Rosazza was born in Ancash, Peru in 1981.<br />In 2005 he graduated as a professor of art<br />Academy of Art in Huaraz, the capital of the Peruvian Andes.<br />Object of his artistic research has always been the world of childhood,<br />in particular the ability of cretiva mind, their children,who manages to turn everything into play.<br />Since 2007 lives in Italy, Lecco,where he works as a painter and illustrator.<br />Illustrator of the year in 2012 was for the City of the Sun Calendar.<br />In 2013 his illustrations have been selected for the Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/5Richolly%20Rosazza%20-%20Peru%2011SSSS11.jpg" border="0" width="600" height="450" /></p>Gallery of Cartoon &amp; Illustrations By Klaas Verplancke - Belgium2018-06-10T11:39:53+04:30Website Admin<div>Klaas Verplancke - Belgium<br />Klaas Verplancke (1964) studied Advertising Graphics and Photography. <br />He started his professional career in advertising agencies and continued to do his illustrating after office hours. <br />In 1990, he decided to become a full-time illustrator. <br />Advertising acted as a handy training ground for his new profession, teaching him to analyze issues and to get a story across to the public at large. <br />In the following years, he made countless contributions to magazines and newspapers and illustrated more or less a hundred and fifty books,<br />At first glance, Verplancke&rsquo;s drawings and paintings differ a great deal in appearance and execution. <br />But they always display the qualities that characterize him as an illustrator and designer: a sense of humor that can vary from mild to sardonic, a poetic imagination, a preference for illustrating abstract concepts and universal emotions &ndash; and a sideways, surrealistic view of reality.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/c49556eb8294fa9fc6812065d7012f15--children-books-belgium.jpg" border="0" width="500" height="754" /></p>Gallery of Caricatures By Siegfried Woldhek - Netherlands 2018-06-10T11:31:53+04:30Website Admin<div>Siegfried Woldhek - Netherlands<br />Siegfried Woldhek (1951) explains his ideas in drawings and organization. <br />After his biology studies, he worked for the Protection of Birds, first as a biologist and later as Director (1985-1990). <br />From 1990-1998 he was director of the WWF Netherlands and until 2002 Director of the International Action Network of the WWF. <br />In the period 2002 - 2011 he initiated and led the organization internet.<br />Woldhek is known of the many psychological portraits he draws since 1976 include Freedom Netherlands (literary portraits) and NRC (political cartoons, sports). His work was often exhibited and published in different bundles (see Table Books). <br />The Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Literary Museum and the Atlas van Stolk have portraits of his hand in the collection. <br />He was the official portraitist of the TED conference in Los Angeles and his TED talk on the face of Leonardo has been viewed more than 1 million times.<br />For his conservation work, he was appointed by HRH Prince Bernhard in April 2002 an Officer in the Order of the Golden Ark. <br />In August 2002 he was the Jan Campert Foundation triennial G. H. S assigned Gravesandestraat Prize for his exceptional literary merit. <br />In January 2012 he received the Inktspotprijs for the best political picture of 2011.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/Siegfried-Woldhek-355x355-c-default.jpg" border="0" width="500" height="500" /></p>Gallery of Illustrations By Sytse van der Zee - Netherlands 2018-06-10T11:24:27+04:30Website Admin<div>Sytse van der Zee - Netherlands<br />Sytse van der Zee<br />Together with three companions Sytse started STILL Illustrators in 1985. <br />As being dummies in the field off Illustration they started exploring it, travelling around with four portfolios. <br />After five years they had a pretty good picture of the field and went on solo. <br />Sytse realized commissioned work for several clients over the years, especially for editorial and educational publications. <br />Besides practising and developing his skills in illustration he started teaching Illustration at ArtEZ University of the Arts. <br />At the moment he is Head of the departments Comic Design and Animation Design.</div> <div></div> <div><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></div> <div></div> <div><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/aui_zee_s_40615.png" border="0" width="800" height="1200" /></div>VI Biennial of Humour LOG Penela Portugal.2018-06-10T11:16:08+04:30Website Admin<div><img src="/static/media/uploads/fakhari/port_penela18.jpg" border="0" width="100" height="100" /></div> <div>VI Biennial of Humour LOG Penela Portugal.<br />Theme:The Life Cycle</div> International Cartoon Exhibition Ymitos Greece 2018.2018-06-10T11:14:10+04:30Website Admin<div><img src="/static/media/uploads/fakhari/ymittosnew2014.jpg" border="0" width="100" height="100" /></div> <div>International Cartoon Exhibition Ymitos Greece 2018.<br />Theme:Road behavior and risks</div> 14th International Festival of Cartoon Solin 2018 Croatia.2018-06-10T11:11:58+04:30Website Admin<div><img src="/static/media/uploads/fakhari/downloadsolin20181.png" border="0" width="100" height="100" /></div> <div>14th International Festival of Cartoon Solin 2018 Croatia.<br />Theme:Free</div> Olense Kartoenale 2018 Belgium.2018-06-10T11:09:57+04:30Website Admin<div><img src="/static/media/uploads/fakhari/w4yterryty.jpg" border="0" width="100" height="100" /></div> <div>Olense Kartoenale 2018 Belgium.<br />Theme:Safety at work / Right to decent work</div> Olense Kartoenale 2018 Belgium.2018-06-10T10:59:48+04:30Website Admin<h2>Olense Kartoenale 2018 Belgium.</h2> <div><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></div>VI Biennial of Humour LOG Penela Portugal.2018-06-10T10:59:43+04:30Website Admin<div> <h2>VI Biennial of Humour LOG Penela Portugal.</h2> </div> <div></div> <div><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></div>International Cartoon Exhibition Ymitos Greece 2018.2018-06-10T10:58:15+04:30Website Admin<div> <h2>International Cartoon Exhibition Ymitos Greece 2018.</h2> <div><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></div> </div>14th International Festival of Cartoon Solin 2018 Croatia.2018-06-10T10:57:05+04:30Website Admin<div> <h2>14th International Festival of Cartoon Solin 2018 Croatia.</h2> <div><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></div> </div>Gallery of Cartoon &amp; Illustrations By Jim Tsinganos-Australia2018-06-09T10:39:40+04:30Website Admin<div>Jim Tsinganos-Australia<br />Jim Tsinganos<br />When I first told my father that I wanted to be an illustrator, he just looked blankly at me and said,<br />&ldquo;Are you sure you can make a living doing that?&rdquo; 25 years later with numerous awards and work being showcased and acknowledged in most illustration annuals across the globe I&rsquo;m still here, still &ldquo;making a living&rdquo; albeit that the materials have changed and the pastels that used to cover everything in my studio with a fine blue dust have been replaced with a nice clean flat screen and a Wacom tablet.<br />Time, Random House, Penguin Books, Amnesty International, Cadburys UK, Australia Post, Nike Singapore, Opera Australia, YAFFA Publications, Honda Australia, Law Journal VIC, WESTPAC, NAB Bank, ANZ Bank, Qantas, LA Times, The Milken Institute Review, Australian Geographic, Good Weekend, Money Magazine, The Australian Mint.<br />Featured in CA Magazine, 3x3 Magazine, Society of Illustrators LA, Lurzer's Archive Top 200 Illustrators Worldwide, Creative Magazine.<br />Best Illustration - MADC Awards, Silver Award - NY Art Directors Club, Silver Award London Art Directors Club, Bronze Award - Print Regional Design/Illustration, Gold and Bronze Awards - Illustrators Australia Annual Illustration Awards.</div> <p><a href="" target="_blank">Gallery</a></p> <p><img src="/static/media/uploads/Taheri/sysrtyrttuy.jpg" border="0" width="800" height="843" /></p>